All About Lindsay Price

Lindsay Jaylyn Price is an American actress, writer and singer who has made a career for herself in television, particularly in soap operas and drama series. A true artist, Lindsay is known for her acting capabilities as much as she is for her exotic good looks. A fashion icon, she is constantly asked for fitness and beauty tips in nearly every interview she has. While her career may not be as successful as she may have once hoped, she has found a multitude of ways to express her creativity.

Early Life and Beginnings of a Career

On December 6, 1976 Lindsay Price was born in a small city in California, the second child of her Korean mother and her German-Irish father; her older brother and only sibling is named Bryan. Interestingly enough, Price’s parents were actually raised as brother and sister; Lindsay’s mother was adopted from Korea by the Price family when she was young.

During her childhood, Lindsay appeared in several commercials, including some for McDonald’s and the well-known toy store Toys-R-Us, all before the she was six years old. In 1984, Price earned a role on the television show Finders of Lost Loves as the young woman Lan. Following her television debut, she went on to take small roles on television the shows Newhart, My Two Dads and, most notably, The Wonder Years.

Lindsay Price

While working on building up her career in television and film, Lindsay also worked diligently to cultivate her musical talents. At the young age of nine, her parents enrolled her in piano lessons. Upon realizing that Lindsay had a definite knack for the instrument, her and her parents began exploring other avenues for her to express herself creatively. She worked to develop her voice technique with Seth Riggs, a renowned voice coach. Lindsay has said that singing gives her a sense of total freedom, and allows her to connect with those around her on a personal level. She has compared to experience to a song by Nina Simone, in which the listener was asked “do I move you?” For Lindsay, as long as those listening to her music feel what she is trying to say, than that is all the success she needs.

In 1987, Price appeared with her brother Bryan on the popular television game show I’m Telling! Between the two of them, the siblings received one of the highest scores in the television show’s history, only answering a single question incorrectly. Following this appearance, Lindsay made her movie debut in 1988 as an extra on the television film starring Danny Glover, Jean Smart and Susan Dey.

In 1990, At the age of fourteen, Lindsay enrolled in the Professional Children’s School in New York City, New York, the school in which Yo-Yo Ma and Ricki Lake also attended. Following her enrollment, Lindsay was offered a role in a television sci-fi series entitled Plymouth. Produced by ABC, the pilot was rejected, and the network decided to make Plymouth into a made for television movies. In the movie, Price played main character April Mathewson. In the movie, April is forced to evacuate after radioactive waste makes her home town uninhabitable.

Lindsay continued to work while attending school; appearing in the show Life Goes On as an acting student and as Cheyenne Thomas in the Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. In 1991, Price was offered her dream job, a contract character on the incredibly popular soap opera All My Children. Until 1993, the popular vixen character An Li was played by Price. Once her contracted ended with All My Children, Price went on to appear in an episode of the incredibly popular television show Boy Meets World, playing the character of Linda on the episode “Teacher’s Bet”. Price went back to soap operas after her stint on Boy Meets World, appearing in Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. She was granted recurring status on The Bold and the Beautiful, playing career-girl Michael Lai in the hit series between 1995 to 1997. Her work on the decades long soap opera won her a multitude of fans, opening doors to other opportunities in film and television. While soap operas are often relegated to the level of reality television, her work on the series proved to producers and agents that she was capable of continuously producing excellent scenes with a rigorous schedule.

And Her Career Starts to Heat Up

In 1998, Lindsay was offered a role in one of the most popular television series in history, Beverly Hills 90210. From 1998 to 2000, Lindsay appeared in 71 episodes as the character Janet Sosna, a driven news writer that had a difficult time dealing with the drama surrounding her. During her time on the show, Price’s character was involved with Ian Ziering’s Steve Sanders. When Lindsay ended her time on the series, her character had married Sanders and had a baby with him. During her time with the cast, Lindsay also landed small roles on the hit show Frasier, where she played the character Shannon. She also appeared on C-16: FBI as Rita in one episode.

Despite having a pretty enviable television career, Lindsay’s dream was to appear in movies. After receiving her degree from the Pasadena College of the Arts and Crafts, now known as the Art Center College of Design, Lindsay continued to work on her career, doing an episode of E! True Hollywood Story: Beverly Hills in 2001. In the same year, Lindsay appeared in the television movie The Heart Department and guest starred in several shows of the small screen series Jack and Jill. Playing the character of Kim in an early episode of CSI, Price ended 2001 by playing the character Amanda in a few episodes of the television show Becker.

Lindsay’s career seemed to slow down in 2002. During this year her only role was that of Dr. Sharon Weizak on the popular fantasy/sci-fi show The Dead Zone. She picked up again in 2003, playing the character Jane Honda in the US version of the television series Coupling, even singing the theme song entitled “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”. The show, based on the popular UK version by Steven Moffat, filmed ten episodes, of which only four were aired. Unlike the UK version, the US version did not receive good reviews, and the sexual innuendo that ran rampant throughout the episodes caused advertisers to shy away. While Lindsay was hailed for her role in the series, the US audience was not interested in the way the show was written, despite it being based almost word-for-word on the original UK version. Due to lower than expected ratings and advertising sales, NBC cancelled the series.

A Dream Realized, Marriage and Music

Lindsay’s dream of appearing on the big screen was realized in 2004 when landed a role in the movie Club Dread. This horror comedy set in Costa Rica involved a serial killer who makes his way to the swinger’s club Coconut Pete's Coconut Beach Resort. Lindsay stared alongside Britney Daniel, Michael Weaver and Paul Soto. The movie, created by the same people who wrote Super Troopers, was not a box office hit, although it did receive descent reviews for its genre.

Price returned to television in guest appearances on the shows The Mountain, Las Vegas and NCIS. By 2004, wedding bells were in Lindsay’s future. She married The Dead Zone creator Shawn Piller on July 31, 2004. Several actors and producers including Tom Welling, Michael Hall, Rick Berman, Ira Steven Behr and Brannon Braga attended the ceremony, held at a ranch resort in Malibu.

Taking a break from acting in 2005, and enjoying the newlywed stage, Lindsay decided to record her first album Someone Like Me. Lindsay wrote her own music, typically described as acoustic pop, which appeared in several of her future television shows. While Lindsay never officially toured, she often performed her music in establishments such as The Mint, Hotel Café, Tangier and Genghis Cohen. Lindsay’s album included five songs, titled Forever Long Friend, Breakin’ My Heart, Someone Like Me, I Know You and Ordinary Day. Lindsay seemed to find personal fulfillment in music, saying that all she has ever wanted was to find new ways to express herself. In music, she has found a limitless ability to do so, and has been given the opportunity to become anyone she wants to be with her songs. While she often has a difficult time putting the experience of developing her album into words, she has compared it to spending a lifetime with a loved one and building a family; for her, her music is her family.

Lindsay’s music has been featured on the television shows Wildfire, Pepper Dennis, The Dead Zone and the indie film Cosmic Radio. Price’s music is inspired by Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Carole King and Patti Griffin. She has a penchant for psychedelic and hip hop melodies, and used a lot of her personal experience when writing the songs for her album.

In 2006, the show Pepper Dennis was conceived, and Price was offered yet another starring role in a television show playing Kimmy Kim, although the show did not last long at all. The comedy, airing on the WB, was cancelled after thirteen episodes.

Divorce, Lipstick Jungle and Eastwick

Sadly, in 2007, Lindsay and Shawn filed for divorce. Price went on to guest star on the CBS television comedy How I Met Your Mother. During filming, she developed a relationship with the actor playing main character Ted Mosby. When the relationship fizzled in 2008, Lindsay landed a role in the new NBC series Lipstick Jungle. The show, meant to be a filler for the drama E.R., was penned by famous author and screenwriter Candace Bushnell, the same woman who wrote the incredibly successful hit Sex and the City. In the show, Lindsay played fashion designer Victory Ford alongside Kim Raver, Brooke Shields and Wendy Healy. Much like Sex and the City, the show followed the adventures of the four women in a big city, including their personal and professional lives. The show lasted for two seasons with a total of 20 episodes. In the same year, Lindsay played character Nikki in Secrets of the Summer House.

In 2009, Lindsay played a young woman in the film Lonely Street, based on a novel by famous author S. Brewer. Later in the year, Lindsay was offered a starring role on the new drama Eastwick, a show centered on three witches just coming into their powers. The show, an adaption from a novel by John Updike entitled The Witches of Eastwick, was developed by Maggie Friedman. The show, although it had a very devoted fan base, only lasted 13 episodes. Price, after taking a break from the entertainment industry, appeared as the character Kate Price on the television series CSI:NY in 2011. During this time, she also began dating Australian chef Curtis Stone.

Other Places to See Lindsay Price and Awards

Lindsay has also had small to major roles in other television shows and movies: 1988’s Purple People Eater, 1991’s Parker Lewis, 1994’s ABC After School Specials, 1996’s Maybe This Time, 1997’s Head Over Heels, 1998’s Hundred Percent, 1999’s Taking the Plunge and The Big Split, 2001’s The Heart Department and No Turning Back, 2004’s The Mountain, 2005’s Kitchen Confidential and Waterborne, 2008’s Secret of the Summerhouse and 2010’s Who Gets the Parents.  

Lindsay has also made guest appearances on the hit television reality show Dancing With the Stars, as well as several documentaries and short films. For her work on the soap opera All My Children, Price was nominated twice for the Best Young Actress Award in 1993 and 1994.

Interesting Tid-Bits About Lindsay Price

Lindsay, well known as a fashionista, loves to expose her shoulders. On the red carpet, she tends to favor strapless, one shoulder or low cut, sleeveless dresses – often in red, which she says is her favorite color. A longtime fan of Brooke Shields, Lindsay dressed up as the actress when she was a child for Halloween; she loved Shields so much, she dressed up as her twice.

Price has graced the cover of several magazines, including an Australian issue of TV Guide. She has also appeared on the cover of Steppin’ Out and Fitness Magazine. Price has remained close friends with several of her cast mates from Beverly Hills 90210, and attended the wedding of Tiffani Amber Theisenn and Brady Smith.

From a young age, Lindsay has always loved animals. She named her first dog, a shih tzu, Miles after the great jazz singer Miles Davis. Her second dog was born in 2008 and is a cavalier king charles spaniel. In addition to taking care of her beloved dogs, Lindsay also enjoys horseback riding.

Price, always striving to express herself creatively, has a love for making her own jewelry and ceramics. A poet and painter, Lindsay is the epitome of a true Sagitarius: hunting for ideas and experiences that draw her into greater awareness. She loves adventure, travel and philosophy -- all ways of extending beyond her immediate surroundings.

In addition to her creative talents, Lindsay has long been known for her exotic looks. Her hair cut, with long layers and choppy bangs, is one of the most requested in women with long hair. She has also sported a short, choppy layered hair do, although she tends to favor longer locks. While she can certainly pull off a smoky eye, and does so well on the red carpet, Lindsay tends to favor a bold lip color. She is often requested to provide beauty tips in magazines, and her unique yet professional style is often emulated by women all over the United States. Lindsay, always tasteful, has done some “nude” photography for Esquire and Maxim magazines, although she made sure to stay covered during the shoot. She even filmed a short interview for Maxim inside her home, showing online readers her decorating style and down-to-earth, girl next door style.

As with most actresses, Price has often experienced the pressure to remain a certain dress size. With her love of clothing, Lindsay has always dreamed of being able to slip into couture clothing straight off the runway. However, those size 0 samples caused some body issues for the actress. She has reported that she tried so hard to fit into the high fashion clothing that she has scars from where the zippers cut into her. With her role in Lipstick Jungle, complete with the couture wardrobe, Lindsay worked hard to tone up, but she refused to starve herself.

Lindsay, a true romantic, believes that a person should work on their own spirit and heart, finding a way to be strong alone. That way, when you do find somebody, that person can not only make you a better person, but the two of you together can inspire each other and provide motivation, leading to a happy and fulfilling life and relationship.

Lindsay Price Quotes

Despite entering show business at a very young age, Lindsay is a highly educated and well-spoken woman. The following are some of her most famous quotes.

I think the things that make people different are the things that make them the most beautiful.

Brooke and Kim Raver are fans of my butt. I had a frightening thing happen last year when we were filming in New York City: I had a bunch of spider bites—three on each, um, cheek. I developed an extreme allergic reaction that made me break out in hives. So I sent an e-mail with a photo of what happened to Brooke and Kim. Instead of saying, “Oh my God, I hope you’re okay,” they said, “Oh my God, I would do anything for that butt!” That made me feel better, I have to say.